Punctuation markers are essential to put words into writing in most appropriate way. Punctuation markers used in Turkey Turkish are determined by the Turkish Language Association, and they can be found in the Spelling Book published by the Association. The situation is a bit different with Turkmen Turkish, however. The only independent work on punctuation in this dialect is the proceeding of the Second Linguistic Conference on Punctuation of Literary Turkmen by TSSR. Therefore, we can safely assume that the field needs much work to be done. This paper aims to scan texts written in Turkmen Turkish both in pre and post-Soviet era (such as literary works, scientific papers, textbooks, encyclopaedias, newspapers and websites written in Turkmen Turkish) and describe the most common punctuation markers and find out where they are used. The descriptions are fortified with genuine examples. Also, the punctuation markers described in this paper are compared against the markers used in Turkey Turkish, and the similarities and differences are mentioned. The most common punctuation markers in Turkmen Turkish are period (.), semicolon (;), coma (,), colon (:), triple dot (…), question mark (?) , exclamation mark (!), hyphen (-), quote (“), slash (/), backslash (\), paranthesis ( () ), brackets ([]). But the common punctuation markers of Turkish, namely apostrophe (') and single quote (‘), are never used in Turkmen Turkish. Ditto marker, on the other hand, is only used in manuscripts rather than printed texts. This paper sheds light on the punctuation markers of Turkmen Turkish, which will help better understand and use Turkmen Turkish.


Turkmen Turkish, punctuation, punctuation markers, spelling rules.

Author : Tuna BEŞEN DELİCE
Number of pages: 1067-1094
Full text:
Turkish Studies - Language and Literature
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