Ahmet Mithat Efendi's Opinions About Education As An Educator

Ahmet Mithat Efendi, who is known as Hâce-i Evvel in our literature, is similar to other writers of his time in terms of using literary works and journalism to educate society and keeps this goal in the foreground for the rest of his life. Especially during the period of Servet-i Fünun, where personal sensitivities begin to emerge, and even in later times, Ahmet Mithat maintains this characteristic. By evaluating the opportunity to retire, the instructor reinforces his identity with the transition from authorship to actively teacher and remains faithful to this identity. The subject of education for the author who expresses the importance of education for a nation especially through his heroes by making use of the opportunities offered by the various events, has the quality of being the first problem to be solved. The author sees education not only in terms of not staying back in the race for modernization, but also as the most important way of preserving national integrity as political and intellectual. Especially at a time when ideas in western influence are spreading, he thinks that it is only possible to deal with these ideas in all aspects, to criticize and adopt the necessary parts, and to raise a young generation who has mastered the concepts. It seems at first a contradiction that the author, who considers the closure of the difference between the West and Ottoman society in different areas, will be possible through education, but also as a way to remain constant in our own cultural climate. However, the author sees the basis of the world of his thought to remain Ottoman, not to Westerners, but to prevent such a contradiction from occurring. In this study, we will try to examine whether the author can be considered as an educator based on his various works and his approach to education. In our study, we will try to reveal the opinions about his education by taking of his works.


Ahmet Mithat Efendi, education, Hace-i Evvel, roles of education

Author : Kudret SAVAŞ
Number of pages: 1521-1545
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/TurkishStudies.36892
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Turkish Studies - Language and Literature
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