Nabizade Ahmet Nazım Bey is one of the most important writers and poets of the Ara Nesil who grew up between the Tanzimat Period and Servet-i Fünun Period. Ara Nesil adopts the innovation in Turkish literature which started in the first period of Tanzimat literature and continued after that. For the first time, Mehmet Kaplan's Ara Nesil artists have an important place especially with his contributions in the field of story. Ara Nesil writers, who use both romantic and realist elements, seem to be intensely involved in the subject of love. Nabizade Nazım, who also writes stories in addition to Zehra's novel, takes her to a realistic, naturalist line, especially in the field of science. Nabizade Nazım, who lived between the years 1863-1893, has a short life, but also has been very talked about with his innovative attitude, his physics, chemistry books and articles, his opinions, his stories and novels. While his novel Zehra's novel carries a naturalistic, realistic line, his stories mostly focus on love. Melancholy, pain, sadness, and unhappiness are general themes in the stories of the author who lost his mother and father at a young age. There is love in the center of events in his stories: Bir İftirak, Bir Hatıra, Zavallı Kız, Sevda, Hala Güzel. Love is not only an individual feeling but also has social, cultural, philosophical and psychological dimensions. In a story written by Nabizade Nazım from a romantic point of view, love varieties, elements of love, melancholic moods of love-living heroes, love sorrows, coincidences attract attention. In this study, the six stories of Nabizade Nazım were examined and the concept of love in these stories were examined.


Love, crystallization, death, melancholy, Nabizade Nazım, Ara Nesil.

Author : Sibel BAYRAM
Number of pages: 1053-1065
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/TurkishStudies.36843
Full text:
Turkish Studies - Language and Literature
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