The number of books, articles and research in different languages on audiovisual translation have increased drastically in the twenty first century. Audiovisual translation which has been studied since the 1930s but only accepted as field of translation studies in the 1990s is a relatively new field in the discipline that draws the interest of researchers. The first section of the following study focuses on the short history of the discipline. The second section refers to the rise in the sheer number of research conducted in the field and the reasons behind this increase as well as the implications. The growth of the audiovisual translation sector is presented from a historical perspective and this growth has been evaluated in terms of the increased need for studies on the subject. The third section of the study provides figures for university training available in audiovisual translation and its modalities in Turkey. A qualitative and quantitative analysis of research in the field is also presented. The section provides a picture of the current situation of audiovisual training and research in Turkey. The fourth section is a summary of areas of research currently conducted by foreign colleagues with a view to explain the importance of such research. The emphasis in this section is on the relatively less studies subjects and issues in Turkey. The conclusion provides a suggestion on the list of subjects that need to be researched in Turkey in the field of audiovisual translation in connection with the actual practice and output of audiovisual translation in Turkey. The article provides a plethora of examples along with explanations of research conducted abroad with a view to encourage young researchers to embrace new thoughts and ideas in their research and further develop the field in Turkey.


audiovisual translation, media accessibility, transation studies, multidisciplinarity

Author : Ayşe Şirin OKYAYUZ
Number of pages: 1395-1415
Full text:
Turkish Studies - Language and Literature
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