Proverbs which are used in daily spoken and written language for various purposes and make the expression more effective and striking in the context in which it is used is met with the term "articulation" in Gagauz Turkish. Gagauz folk literature is a treasure in terms of verbal material. Proverbs are an important part of this treasure. Like every society, Gagauz Turks created proverbs specific to their language structures and cultures, too. In this respect, proverbs are one of the types of folk literature that can be studied both in terms of acquiring information about Gagauz Turks and in examining the sound and shape features and syntax of Gagauz Turkish. Proverbs of societies are generally evaluated by different disciplines in various subjects. On the other hand, there are few researches about Gagauz Turkish and Gagauz Turks over Gagauz proverbs. When looked at the research done up to the present, it is seen that the proverbs of Gagauz are not considered in terms of sentence structure. The study was conducted with considering the sentence structure classifications in Turkey Turkish and -in part- in Gagauz Turkish. According to this, Gagauz proverbs are classified as simple, compound, sequential, connected and parenthetical sentence and evaluated under five main headings. Gagauz proverbs in the compound sentence structure are also grouped in itself. Gagauz proverbs classified according to their structure were also evaluated according to the type, place and meaning of the predicate under the relevant title.


Proverb, Gagauz proverbs, Gagauz Turkish, syntax, sentence structure.

Author : Levent DOĞAN - Ceyda ERDİN
Number of pages: 1159-1187
Full text:
Turkish Studies - Language and Literature
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