Throughout the history Kipchaks have lived on a very wide geography but they can’t have created political alliance. So they can’t have created a central state. The reason of this is that they have lived on a wide geography and always have immigrated. As a result of migrations, the majority of Kipchaks have dissappered by getting into Christian society in Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Georgia and especially Hungary of which in history Kipchaks did war. Oghuz Turkish have became writing language at 13th century. Before 13th century is a indeterminate period. Before Oghuz Turkish became writing language also have affected other wrinting languages. In works which study from Old Turkish Period are encountered elements that belong to Oghuz Turkish. There is first information abouth Historical Kipchak Turkish that create basis of modern Kipchak Dialect in Diwan Lughat at-Turk by Mahmud ibn Hussayn ibn Muhammed al-Kashgari. This book includes extensively informations abouth Oghuzs and Kipchaks. The reason of this is that they have very crowded population and have influenced on history. After the informations abouth Kipchak and Oghuz at the introdcution of the article, the formation process of Kipchak and Oghuz Turkish is menioned. After that, there is a brief information abouth “Musanıŋ İlk Kitabı” which is the translation of the Torah’ 1918 date a first part ‘genesis’ and is main subject of this study. ‘The First Book of Moses’ is a very valuable work because it has largely features of Kipchak Turkish besides features of Oghuz Turkish. Finally, elements of Oghuz Turkish which identifiy in text are listed with examples from text.


Kipchak, Oghuz Elements, Genesis

Author : Döne ARSLAN
Number of pages: 1013-1022
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/TurkishStudies.23331
Full text:
Turkish Studies - Language and Literature
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