Undoubtedly, one of the important names of Turkish poetry in the Republican era is Attilâ İlhan. Besides being a great poet, Attilâ İlhan contributed with his important works to almost every field of literature such as novel, script, criticism, newspaper and essay. He had also with his great poems won the heart of literature lovers. The poet, who succeeded in making his name very well-known at a very young age has, with his unique style, left unforgettable works during his journey as a poet, which he continued up until the end of his life. Although Attilâ İlhan was initially influenced by Nazım Hikmet, one of the most important poets of Turkish literature, his ability to successfully blend folk and divan literature with his unique style in later periods is one of the characteristics that distinguishes him from other poets. His father Bedri İlhan, who loves Divan literature, had great influence on Attilâ İlhan's interest in classical literature. For this reason, it is possible to find the characteristics of Divan literature in Attilâ İlhan's poems and to understand why he used Ottoman words and structures in his poems. As it is known, Ottoman language is very rich especially in terms of the words and structures of Arabic and Persian origins. In this article, the words of Arabic origin in his book of poetry “Ben Sana Mecburum”, which represents “the period of creating his own line in poetry between 1954 and 1962” (Çelik, 2003, p. 7-13) will be studied. Rather than only studying the Arabic origin common words which are used in the same sense in both Turkish and Arabic, the common words which are actually used in a different meaning in the Arabic language will be studied. Also it will be focused on whether these words are used in their Arabic translation or not.


Attilâ İlhan, Attilâ İlhan’s poems, Ben Sana Mecburum, common Arabic words

Author : Bağdagül MUSA - -
Number of pages: 1359-1373
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Turkish Studies - Language and Literature
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