This current research aims to provide an example of how to analyze a children’s literature text. In order to analyze this book, the multiperspective strategy which was developed by Wolf (2004), was used. In this strategy, the literature text was analyzed by formal, genetic, intertextuality, transactional, and socio-cultural dimensions. From genetic perspective it is possible to say that there are similarities between the author's work and his / her personal and genetic characteristics. The author reflected his dreams, expectations, goals and hopes to Little Black Fish (LBF). Given formal viewpoint it can be say that both the physical and psychological characteristics of each character are clearly defined in the text. Children can easily identify the characteristics of the characters they will identify, try to resemble, or be opposed to. From intertextual perspective it is possible to say that LBF has traces of other works of its author. It is also possible to establish intertextual interest among works written by different authors. From perspective of transactional criticism it can be say that, LBF is a work that will enable the reader to connect with his / her own life in terms of the situations that the main character is confronted and the reactions it gives in these cases. Sociocultural perspective focuses on political, social and historical dimensions. From this perspective LBF describes the social and political environment of the period in which it was written. Analyzes and other related researches in the literature show that many different readings can be made on the work. Considering the variety of readings and the meanings produced, it is seen that the age range of the target group addressed by the work has expanded proportionally. In terms of educational environments, the basic question the teacher should ask at this point is the question “What do I want my students to learn from this experience? There is a need for adult-guided interactive readings to be addressed and handled in different aspects of works such as LBF. This will only be possible when the literary works are first examined by the adults consciously and criticized from different perspectives as exemplified in this study.


Children literature, children boks, analyzing.

Author : Seyit ATEŞ - Kasım YILDIRIM - Fatih Çetin ÇETİNKAYA
Number of pages: 1023-1049
Full text:
Turkish Studies - Language and Literature
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