ABSTRACT Since the beginning of history, human beings have pondered on the question of good and evil, and have benefited from the effects of these two phenomena in establishing their lives. It is possible to see the traces of these phenomena in every aspect of human life. Literature, which acts as a tool for the transmission of human emotions and thoughts, is also a reflection of human life. For this reason, there are some traces of bad, badness and evil in literary products. In Divan literature and poetry, which is the product of a knowledge and culture of thousands of years, it is possible to come across a series of incidents and disasters never-forgotten with their negative aspects, felonious and evil characters causing them and the manifestation of the evil acts of these characters. Divan poets, did not just look on the incidents which took a bad place in social memory; they told them in their poetry. In Divan literature and poetry, as in every issue, evil is also idealized and conveyed through evil and bad personalities. Poets, in accordance with the tradition, handled the issue of badness by mentioning the names of the persons with negative and bad qualities, and in doing so often benefited from arts of telmih(reference) and teşbih(simile). In the sources of Divan poetry, the number of people famous for their negative and bad qualities is quite high. When we look at the bad figures in Divan poetry, they are generally religious, mystical, historical, mythological and legendary personalities. Most of these individuals are Arab, Persian, Turkish and Mongolian. In this study, thirty-two bad personalities which are found to have negative and bad characteristics mentioned in the Divan poetry have been analyzed and some determinations have been made on how they are handled in poetry.


Keywords: Divan Poetry, Badness, Evil Characters, Personalities, Characters.

Author : Sedat KARDAŞ
Number of pages: 1253-1281
Full text:
Turkish Studies - Language and Literature
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