Suleyman-name-i Kebir, a work of literature which is up to 81 volumes of copies can be found in various libraries, was tried to be written towards the and of the 15th century by Firdewsi Rumî, who has a historian, literary and mystical personalty. In Suleyman-name, life of the Prophet Suleyman (Solomon), which was blended in with mythological, epic and legendary elements, was discussed in detail and comprehensively. The work has a different fiction in which the life of Propher Suleyman is combined with the lives of the heroes Shah-nameh. For this reason, the work bears important traces from both Torah anf Shah-nameh. In the Suleyman-name, the main story that was shaped around the life of the Prophet Suleyman includes wide information concept and existence which are releated to different fields: from history to geography, from mythology to antropology, from warcraft to astronomy, from medicine to astrology, from botanic to zoology, from hadith to tafseer. One of the important creature that take place in Suleyman-name is “diw” (deamon) whose name is also mentioned in Persian mythology and Shah-name fruquently. İn classical litarature an Suleyman-name, teh diw –his Turkish form is dev- is used to describe a creature which is different existentialy and in concept from humanoid and bulky characters of tales. Acording to Suleyman-name, diws, whose race was created before humanbeings, can in an instant move to a place they want and are stroge creatures. In the narrating fantasy of this work, against the praised and glorified heroes are the Diws that absolutely represent evil, hence correpond to “al-nafs al-ammareh”in Islamic sufism (mystisicm) In the study, according to Suleymanane, the genesis and the features of the Diws, with the Diw characters and the mystic cases they represent were examined.


Suleymân-nâme-i Kebir, Firdevsî-i Rûmî, dîws (deamons), Gurgur, Zelhimâr.

Author : Mehmet Burak ÇAKIN
Number of pages: 1137-1158
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/TurkishStudies.22895
Full text:
Turkish Studies - Language and Literature
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