In this study, we tried to analyze the evil, violence and color expressions of the violence in the three-act play called Evil Runs which took the major theater awards and being one of the most important works of French author Jacques Audiberti who has given many works in almost all literary fields such as poem, play, novel and essay. As it is known, the violence and the evil are the problems faced by all living things in the world, in any way. From the early ages to the present time, evil and violence exist always in mankind’s thinking and living areas. Evil, embracing the earth and being the product of human thought and violence have taken place in the literary field also, and constitute the points of interest of many authors like other themes. As can be seen from the work’s title, Jacques Audiberti has also been one of the writers who are not indifferent to the evil theme. At least, the title “Evil runs” is seen significant with its notice ability in his play. We tried to examine to what extent the is evil rampant, particularly the human thought being the source of the evil that cause to the evil, to testify that evil runs at the result of the profit and ego of the human, indigestion in sharing and every kind of human confrontation. And, in this play, in which the violence and the evil prevail, we also tried to examine the effect of the expression of color by stating their symbolic values to the violence and evil. We worked on interesting examples in the use of colors as adjective expressions, which is one of the main subjects of grammar, in the work of Audiberti's Evil Runs.


Evil, Evil in literature, Violence and Colors, Education with color

Author : Deniz KÜZECİ - Sadık TÜRKOĞLU
Number of pages: 1329-1343
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/TurkishStudies.22694
Full text:
Turkish Studies - Language and Literature
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