Experimental Approaches in Dijital Painting and Drawing Produced by The Possibilities of Technology

The changing world and the development of technology with the twentieth century, especially the developments in computer technology, on the one hand, has allowed artists to create new forms of expression, on the other hand, has allowed them to produce art in a more free platforms with various technological opportunities. The tools of the technology era and their implications became the tools of art in time and influenced the artists. This environment of freedom together with technology forms the greatest attraction area for artists. The influence of art on technological developments led to the emergence of new forms of contemporary expression, which went beyond the artist's dexterity in the production stage and established a more intellectual and thematic effect is associated technology. This study, starting from electronic art, which is the first examples of digital art, examines the visual expression forms produced by the artists who have transformed art into a common language and production together with digital technology, through their experimental approach to drawing and painting. It focuses on seeing the new possibilities that empirical studies particularly in painting, drawing and dyeing have brought together with digital technology. One reason for this is that the first examples that started with electronic art consisted of works that attempted to produce paintings and drawings with the possibilities of technology. Another reason is that artists want to use technology as a tool for their artistic purposes as one of the possibilities of art production. It is seen that these experimental approaches are not limited to the past, but today's artists are continuing their experiments to reconstruct the possibilities of painting and drawing with today's new technologies.


digital art, digital painting, experimental art, contemporary art

Author : Soner TİRE
Number of pages: 493-506
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/TurkishStudies.30255
Full text:
Turkish Studies-Information Technologies and Applied Sciences
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