Mathematics Teachers’ Views About The Website of Educational Information Network (EIN)

The aim of this study is to determine the opinions of mathematics teachers about the Educational Information Network (EIN). Case study was used in the study. The study group consisted of 30 mathematics teachers working in secondary schools in the city center of Sivas. Volunteer teacers participated the study. The maximum diversity sampling method was used in the sample selection. A semi-structured interview form consisting of eight questions was used as data collection tool. The interview form consists of questions related to EIN course website. Content analysis method was used in the study. Study results revealed that majority of teachers use EIN course website during and out of class. It was determined that the most important contribution of the EIN course website to the teaching of subjects was visualizing the lesson and attracting attention and curiosity. The most common problems during using EIN were lack of content (subject narration) and problems with internet connection. The most interesting results of the EIN course website for the students are the games and videos. It is seen that the majority of teachers emphasize the usefulness of the EIN course website, while many of them are more up-to-date, diverse and demanding on the website.


education informatics network, mathematics teaching, mathematics teacher

Author : Mehmet Nuri GÖMLEKSİZ - Hacer KOÇ DENİZ
Number of pages: 431-446
Full text:
Turkish Studies-Information Technologies and Applied Sciences
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