Municipality Administration in The Digital Age: Research on Websites of Tekirdag Metropolitan and District Municipalities

Together with introduction of Internet and information communication technologies into human life, many changes have begun to be experienced both in individual and corporate terms. These circumstances bring necessity of discovering power of Internet for institutions in terms of expressing themselves. Municipalities are one of these institutions. Municipal administrations are elected in our country. Target groups should be informed about activities of municipality when they are electing management of municipality. Generations of digital age have been using the Internet extensively to obtain such information. Therefore, web sites are one of the most important presentation areas of municipalities. Issue of municipal administration in the digital age and importance of information are outlined within the scope of this study. Research part of the study is aimed at revealing adequacy of information presented and use of website in field of municipal administration in the digital age. In this context, city of Tekirdag was considered, and websites of Tekirdag Metropolitan Municipality and 11 (eleven) district municipalities affiliated to it were examined through content analysis method, which is one of qualitative research methods. Information consisting of 27 items under main headings of corporate information, corporate services, and corporate publications were examined in the research in terms of availability. Results of the research show that district municipalities are not yet sufficient in this regard. It was seen that districts where industry is developed use this resource better than those engaged in agriculture.


Website, Municipality, Communication, Digital Age

Author : Gül COŞKUN DEĞİRMEN - Necati Barkın AKAY
Number of pages: 351-366
Full text:
Turkish Studies-Information Technologies and Applied Sciences
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