Relationship Between Attitudes and Technological Perceptions With TPCK of Formation Teacher Candidates

The purpose of this study is to determinate relationships between Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK) levels of Pedagogical Formation Education Certificate Program (PFECP) teacher candidates and also connection between these levels and their technology perception and approaches towards technology. The study was carried out with general survey model, one of the qualitative research models. Sample of the study included 34 teacher candidates of Pedagogical Formation Education Certificate Program (PFECP) at Faculty of Education of Balıkesir University in spring term of 2017-2018 Academic Year. In this study; data collentions tools were “Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge Self Evaluation Scale (TPCKSES)” developed by Kartal et al. To determine levels of Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge, “Technology Attitude Scale (TAS)” developed by Yavuz, to evaluate approaches towards usage of technological tools on educational activities, and “Technological Perception Scale (TPS)” developed by Tınmaz, to identify levels of technological perception. According to the results of correlation analysis, TPCKSES levels were found to be connected with technological perception in a positively high level and with approaches towards technology in a positively medium-level. It was also found that the contribution of two independent variables to the predictor was significant and the variables that predicted TPCKSES.


teacher candidates, technologic pedagogic content knowledge, attitude towards technology, technologi

Author : Sevinç MERT UYANGÖR - Hasan Özkan ÇETİN
Number of pages: 479-492
Full text:
Turkish Studies-Information Technologies and Applied Sciences
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