Vısual Design of The Education Intended New Media Softwares of 7-9 Year Olds and A Sample Analysis: Morpa Kampus

With the consolidation of computers' place in human life, the opportunities provided by them derive many different ways of development. As a result of the convenience provided, these technologies have involved in the field of education and used at every level of it. In this context, it is possible to access new media software which is offered to the service of students in our country and in the world, and which is increasing day by day. The new media software, which is constantly increasing in quantity, brings qualitative design problems within. The educational software used through the screen, which has different features than the printed educational materials, has various design details that need to pay attention during the design. In the preparation process of the new media software, it is necessary to apply the elements and principles of visual design such as suitability for the screen use, ease of interface, colour values on the screen, typographic elements, etc. In order to be able to perform the purpose of educational software effectively. In new media software, especially for small age groups, the design might have positive or negative impacts on the learning process. Due to this reason, the need for new media software designed to meet the needs and expectations of the target audience emerges. As a result of the researches, it has been observed that the number of new media software, prepared considering the developmental characteristics of the target group, in accordance with the design elements and principles is insufficient. This study includes the analysis of Morpa Campus software, which is selected as a sample of new media software which is targeted for domestic education, within the framework of design elements and principles to be used in the design of new media.


New media, Education Intended New Media Softwares, Visual Design Principles and Components

Author : Dilek AYDEMİR - Ata Yakup KAPTAN
Number of pages: 367-387
Full text:
Turkish Studies-Information Technologies and Applied Sciences
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