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The diaries of an author do not onlly imply his/her personal background, but also recall the spinymental journey of him/ her, depending on the reading and writing adventure of them. Additionally, the political, cultural, economical and intellectual history of the the period is also grasped, which revals very valuable knowledge, though admitted a little bit subjective. The diaries steer our attention into smaller and tiny, but meaningful details of life, while history represents the big picture. Hüseyin su, in his three volume – work “Takvim Yırtıkları” (Calender Torns) informs us on both his personal background and the tiny details of the very recent history. However, this is not all about Hüseyin Su, due to the fact that he reveals clearly his ideas concerning reading and writing skills as being a significant literary critic, short story and essay writer. As we read his diaries we pass through the fields of history, culture, policy and the tiny particles ofhis daily life. Additionally, we get introduced to very important readers and writers of the period and obtain some very first hand information on his reading and writing adventure, aswell. This article aims to focus on the intellectual map and self-raising experienceof Hüseyin Su, The author, referring to the first volume of his books, by tracking closely his diaries, which will be expected to play the function of an important guide to constitude the mind maps of the younger generations.


Hüseyin Su, Entelektüel, Logs

Yazar: Dursun Ali TÖKEL -
Sayfa Sayısı: 209-228
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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