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In 2017, Hüseyin Su’s personal journal, Takvim Yırtıkları, was published in three volumes by Şule Yayınları. His personal journal that includes not only his notes on his reading but also his thoughts on writing in general, dialogue with Nuri Pakdil, reflections on his time with Edebiyat Dergisi, and other insights into his life. And all these make the journal more important. The journal also provides a look at the political and economic developments in Turkey and around the world based on evaluations of Hüseyin Su’s dialogue with Nuri Pakdil’ in Takvim Yırtıkları. Besides, we see the fact that Hüseyin Su has a wide reading list and qualities of a conscious reader when reading Takvim Yırtıkları. A close reader will benefit especially from his notes on, evaluations of, and even additions to the books he read, as he engaged with some of them very deeply and personally. One of the issues he draws attention to in his work when evaluating books is related to the language of the works translated. He underlines that the translation should be done carefully and indicates that this work is as important as the language in which it is written. In this study, we will briefly examine the journal under the titles of the books mentioned but not evaluated, books not mentioned but evaluated and books mentioned and evaluated. And we will examine especially books he took time to evaluate.


book, Hüseyin Su, Takvim Yırtıkları, journal

Yazar: Burak KOÇ -
Sayfa Sayısı: 115-134
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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