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The age of modernity, dominated by postmodernism, is experienced as an era in which the heart and spirituality are silenced by the dominance of technology, the digital world and the primacy of scurrility. During this time, all "national" and "autochthonous" values are unfortunately underestimated and traditions, beliefs, and anything considered sacred are completely dismantled. In return, "Western" or "foreign" values are persistently assimilated. Furthermore, in this age, the value of the truth is not known, and the daily pleasures and simple values of the simple people are placed on a pedestal. This also applies to the world of stories. Nevertheless, there are storytellers in this century who preserve the memory of tradition, the local and the truth. These writers, despite the impositions of modern life, have remained faithful to the dignity of the classic, the local and the tradition. In the Turkish story writing during post-1960 Period, Hüseyin Su is one of the Turkish writers who examines traces from Turkish culture and local life in his works. Hüseyin Su, one of the storytellers of the truth, of value, of the sacred, of the exhausted, of tradition, of the Turkish story after 1960, when modern and postmodern lifestyle and value judgments dominated. Author’s has twenty-seven stories in his four story books titled Tunnels, The Mother Chill, The Gülşefdel Head Cover and Love’s States which have been published so far. His stories within the Turkish literature reflect the lives of Anatolian people, which is located against what Western modern lifestyle imposed on Turkish society. In this study, Hüseyin Su's stories, his themes will be examined through the local elements of Turkish culture.


Story (genre), local, national, tradition, Hüseyin Su

Yazar: Özlem FEDAİ -
Sayfa Sayısı: 77-86
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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