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All the civilizations exixting in the World contain a taraditional term called “story telling.” By referring to this tradition experiences, accumulations, sorrows; in short, all the events experinced in the past are transmitted to the young generations. The narrative experinces coded in the past, although rooted from real, may include some ficticious elements. The Literaray art, which exists in every civilization, is inspired from those ancient stories. Walter Benjamin explains this ancient tradition in his article, “The Story Teller.” Hüseyin Su, one of the eminent authors of Modern Turkish Literature, has also written a book titled “ The Story Teller”, in which he expresses the development stages of “story telling” in Turkish Literature. As an Author, Hüseyin Su, specially emphasizes the “narration” techniques. Story telling, in time, is divided into two catogories as “tratitional” and “modern” versions. The critics of Turkish literature prefer the term “story” for traditional version; however, they prefer the term “short story” for the modern version. Hüseyin Su is both, a critic and a modern “short story” writer. This article aims to explain the the term “story telling”, the difference between “story” and “short story “, and also the meaning of story. Additionaly, it is also aimed to justify the narration techniques of Hüseyin Su, and the close relations between story telling and civilization, referring to the sample texts selected from Hüseyin Su’s books.


Story telling, civilisation, story, short story, Hüseyin Su

Yazar: Şaban SAĞLIK -
Sayfa Sayısı: 189-207
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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