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This article explores a writer: Hüseyin Su in terms of his position in the relationship between Islamism and literature. In the first place, a general overview about this relationship has been offered by focusing on the central role of poets and writers in shaping Islamism similar to other intellectual movements. Nuri Pakdil as a reason of the transition of Hüseyin Su from Ibrahim Çelik and an influential figure for him to construct his worldview has been covered in a separate section. Then, based on Su’s work, the article has attempted to offer a comprehensive framework for writer’s intellectual perspective. In the light of arguments covered in the article, it is possible to say that although he has been considered as “Islamist” and “conservative”, Hüseyin Su has distanced himself from using the terms “Islamist”, “nationalist” and “conservative” by saying that these are perspectives seeking the answer for the question on “How we could be Westernised?”. At that point, the emphasis on “mundane”, “being vulnerable to politic manipulations” and “not being aware of himself” has been remarkable. Similarly, he has been critical about academia in Turkey and has suggested it could not offer solutions for social problems as it is. The relationship between politics, art and literature has been another issue that Su has paid attention. Hüseyin Su has argued that these fields may carry a threat to human nature by bolstering people’s ego. He has preferred to stay outside from active political circles as well as been critical about the applying the terms “leftist” and/or “rightist”. Finally, the usage of literature for ideological purposes has been also covered by Su. Indeed, he has argued that the ideological production of literature could not contribute to any intellectual movement.


Hüseyin Su, “Islamism”-Literature Relationship, Nuri Pakdil, Journal of Edebiyat

Yazar: Mustafa BAKIRCI -
Sayfa Sayısı: 45-58
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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