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Hüseyin Su, one of thestory, criticism, biography and essay authors of Cumhuriyet Era Turkish Literature, starts his writing life in “Edebiyat Magazine”. Where as the author is mostly mentioned for his stories, his essays having their own unique literary style also catch the attention. His essays that are the final products of his readings, researches and thoughts extracting from his very early writing life, are published as three different boks under the names of “Bir Yağmur Türküsü”, “Kalemin Yükü “ and “Yazı ve Yazgı”. In his essays, Hüseyin Su emphasizes on human, writing, author, intellectual, islam, tradition and cultured who are steering the community. Writing is the “weapon” for fighting and competing against hopelessness. His essays are mainly about; personality and moral formation of human, blindness of human, Islam and Mohammedanism, tradition, sustainability of tradition; writing as an instrument of existence, writing process of an author, author, concerns of an author, morals of an author, authors from Turkish and Western literature, cultured who are steering the community; and subjects about language. In his essays he has a wide range of subjects as; cultured who are steering the community, magazines, writing, author, intellectual, human, ballads and language. This variety of subjects shows that he is a multidimensional, cultured author. Author has a criticizing vantage point. An important aspect of his cultural writings is that; he is never hopeless; and he is always focused on the solution in all cases. In this studythe author’s essays are observed in terms of contentandstyle.


Hüseyin Su, essay, writing, author, criticism.

Yazar: Banu ALTINOVA -
Sayfa Sayısı: 23-32
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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