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In this article, the works of Turkish writer and philosopher Huseyin Su were tried to be evaluated in terms of the philosophy of art. This study is an attempt to make an introduction to how the works of Hüseyin Su should be handled in addition to western values. The works written by the artist have been examined and compared with the western theories. It is not an attempt to put his works into a mold or to instrumentalize his works, but rather to put forward an idea that is intended to better understand the purpose or purposes of his works. The evaluation of the literary works of Hüseyin Su from the point of view of the philosophy of art is in a way that it is an introduction in this regard. In this evaluation, considering how art in the West is classified and discussed in a comparative manner, the West philosophies objectivity in our own literature is more than the subjectification of our own literature is an effort to attribute. The socio-cultural transformations that emerged all over the world after the Industrial Revolution also influenced the societies’ specific literary understanding. Considering the literary activity of Hüseyin Su, who stands against the cultural problems that emerged with the effect of this imperial effect on our geography and our world of wisdom, it is seen that it is necessary to place a name outside the known currents in the place where his works stopped. Based on this necessity, in our Westernization adventure, Hüseyin Su’s thought world, literary value and art were considered as philosophical.


Reality, Truth, Realist Literature, Intellectual

Yazar: Mehmet Sabri GENÇ -
Sayfa Sayısı: 87-97
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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