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The One of the Heroes of the Abbasid Revolution: Kahtaba bin Shabib

Although the period of the Umayyad Caliphate ruled for 90 years in the Islamic world is considered a successful period in terms of external conquests, it has been the scene of troubles, turbulences and riots in terms of domestic politics. The Umayyads were destroyed in 132/750 at the end of a well-organized revolution by the descendants of Abbas who is uncle of Prophet Muhammad and the Abbasid caliphate was established, which would continue for five centuries. The Abbasid propaganda (invitation), which was accepted to be started in 100/718, continued for a long time in Iraq and Khorasan region; emerged in 128/745 with an armed revolt against the Umayyads, and succeeded in the establishment of the Abbasid caliphate in 132/750. Although he is known as Abu Muslim al-Khorasanî as the hero of the Abbasid revolution, there are a large number of people who spent their life in the success of the Abbasid invitation. One of them is Kahtaba b. Shabib at-Tayi. He was born into a family of Arabian origin in Merv, and raised in a family of supporters of Ahl al-Bayt and was one of the first to attend the Abbasid invitation to Horasan. Because of his loyalty and intelligence to the Abbasids, he was chosen as one of the twelve chiefs who would lead the Abbasid's invitation in Khorasan by Abbasid leader Imam Muhammad Ali. After the death of Imam Muhammad Ali, he met with Abbasid leader Abraham in Mecca during the hajj periods and conveyed the orders he received from them to the people of Khorasan. Kahtaba was also active in the Abbasid armed rebellion under the leadership of Abu Muslim al-Khorasanî in Khorasan. When the Abbasids arrived in Iran after removed the Umayyad forces from Khorasan, Kahtaba was assigned as commander of the Abbasid armies by Imam Ibrahim Muhammad. Abbasid army under the command of Kahtaba seized Iran and Iraq regions in about a year. In this process, the Abbasid forces defeated the Umayyad armies, which were more than themselves, with the skillful management of Kahtaba. He died in 132/749 after a war with Umayyad near Kufa. In this study, we will try to discuss the role of Kahtabe in the Abbasid revolution.


Kahtaba b. Shabib, Abbasids, Umayyads

Yazar: Fatih GÜZEL -
Sayfa Sayısı: 163-175
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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