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As is known, the Prophet has many attributes such as the president, army commander, paterfalmilias, and judge. Another one of them is his attribute as teacher (educator - instructor). He always took into account the situation of his interlocutors while he was fulfilling his educational task. He behaved childish towards a child, youngish towards a young and elderly towards an elder. This behavior of his had been very effective in communicating with his interlocutors, that is, his companions. From time to time, the Prophet had recourse to humor and jokes, and made use of witty expressions within this frame of communication with his companions. In doing so he always told his interlocutors the truth, not intimidated them, didn't worry, didn’t mock or belittle. Some of the Companions, who did not understand his joke, immediately made the statement, as a result of which they laughed. The jokes made by the Companions met him with great maturity, or even had responded. His attitude further strengthened the love and devotion of the Companions to him. For this reason they saw that the Prophet was a human being like them, and that he had behaved in the manner and necessity of being a human being. Because humor/joke is a natural need, just like eating and drinking, getting married and sleeping. Because humor/joke is a natural need, just like eating and drinking, and sleeping and getting married and have a children. However, we must say that the jokes of the Prophet's Companions are the message-laden statements of his being a teacher prophet.In this article, we will first touch briefly the Prophet's personality as educator. Later on, we will give examples of the jokes and witty words in his relations with the Companions, his family being in the first place, and of those which the Companions made to each other. Subsequently, we will make a short evaluation.


Hz. Mohammed (pbuh), Education, Instruction, Humor, Joke, Dirty Joke.

Yazar: Musa ERKAYA -
Sayfa Sayısı: 141-161
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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