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The Way Pablo Picasso Handles Figurative Images in Ceramic Works and the Reflection of His Paintings on Ceramic Works

Seen as one of the most famous painters of the 20th century world of the painting and regarded as a pioneer of the art movement of Cubism, Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, is an artist who graces the walls of museums around the world with his unique works which he redounded to painting art and has an important place in the art community. The artist is recognized ceramic works with many products especially in the arts of painting and sculpture. The artist reflected his distinctive style in the paintings to other artistic works. After realistic works, contributed to the Cubism movement with numerous publications studies,the artist come to the fore with his the pattern drawn with simple contour lines in the form of the work. One of the important features of the artist is to reflect styles, carrying himself to the history of art , to ceramics and sculpture works as three-dimensional and two-dimensional. In the research, it is purposed to find out the reflection of the geometric expression that Pablo Picasso used in his paintings, simultaneous display, a three dimensional expression on a two-dimensional surface and the childish linear form expression in the ceramic works. It has a significant role to reveal the three dimensional reflection and the success of the three dimensional expression on a two-dimensional surface on the paintings, three dimensional expression of the simplified imaginative expression in the ceramic works and simple images on ceramics in the research. In the research, in two-dimensional and three-dimensional ceramics made by Picasso gives the universe sample and also figures and symbols on ceramic gives limitation sample. In the Research the main purpose of engaging with the figure images is to come to the foreground the images by issuing three-dimensional image of the figure on the two-dimensional plane. The research was made with qualitative design and information about Picasso and his artistic work was obtained by scanning the literature.The images of the artist's works in the data has been analyzed through descriptive analysis and research have reached new information on the subject of the procedure by the means of analysis by comparison with the artist's pictorial work.


Picasso, Ceramics, Painting, Cubism, Figure

Yazar: Fahrettin GEÇEN - - Tahir ÇELİKBAĞ
Sayfa Sayısı: 359-370
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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