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An Earthquake is the shaking of the ground that results from the breaking of the deep layers of Earth’s lithosphere or from the eruptions of volcanos. They are divided into three categories as tectonic, volcanic and collopsed. The most widespread among these, including Turkey, is tectonic earthquakes. Turkey has been the site of high- risk countries as it is in the sphere of Alpine- Himalayan orogenic belt which is known as the most active one. Within the geography of Anatolian so far three rectonic plates have been determined; North Anatolian, East Anatolian and West Anatolian fault zones which include the Province of Muğla. The Earthquake which occuued in the years of 1631- 1632 in Milas is the most ancient one, after the region came under the Turkish rule. In this study, the earthquake seen in the Province of Muğla can be examined in three periodss. The first of them is the ones happened between 1923-1933. In this period there occurred first earthquake in 1926, giving rise to little damage. Then between 23 April 1933 and 4 May 1933 Muğla centre and the districts of Datça and Bodrum experienced earthquake swarms numbered as 5. As a result of these earthquakes especially the villages of Datça and the Island of Cos in Greece suffered great damages and casuelties. Upon these developments,Turkey contributed to the earthquake victims in the Aegean İslands. The second of these is the ones occurred between 1940- 1948. During this period, Muğla centre, Bodrum and Datça districts experienced 13 earthquakes of intervals. As a result of these earthquakes many villages of Muğla centre have been inflicted with the loss of properties and lives. The red crescent provided the earthquake victims with food, drinks and clothes and they also obtained timber by the decision of the rebresentatives of Exacutive Committe. The third of these happened between the years of 1957- 1960. The most serious earthquake during this period is the one of the years of 1957 whose center was the district of Fethiye and also felt in Köyceğiz, Marmaris as well as Muğla centre. 67 people died in Fethiye in this earthquake. After the earthquake The President and The Primeminister of the Rebuplic visited Muğla Center, Marmaris, Köyceğiz and Fethiye districts and showed the solidarity of the state with them. Moreover, the ececutive orders of restoration Works, as state in the enactment of number 7010 of Earthquake Victimms, were conducted and both wreck removals and the contributions were also made to the earthquake victims. The measures which were taken as a result of the earthquakes occured in Muğla Province between 1923-1960 and the Gölcük Earthquake of 1999 enable people to increase the consciousners of earthquake to a great depree and so make preperations for the future.


Muğla Province, Earthquake, Republican Period of Turkey, Construction, Between 1923-1960

Yazar: Bayram AKÇA - - Seher AKÇA
Sayfa Sayısı: 17-30
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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