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The wiev at the violence against women ın the context of kinship system, gender and pedigree of women

Conflicting male and female relations are observed in the social, political and economical areas, in the family and couple’s life. Gender conflict can be explained by different reasons such as pressure and violence against women, use of men’s physical force and personality disorders. Neverthless, clinical anthropology argues that clinical cases allow to analyse and obtain information about the individual, social structure and process. In this context, it is necessary to take account the structural processess such as the social structure and kinship system that prepare the ground for conflicting women and men relations. The belonging kinship system identifies the paternity and continuing bloodline, marriage and settlement rule and positions in the kinship terminology of male and female. It relates these features to their biological sexes through social represantations related to the construction of the child. Patriarchal and paternal social structure and continuing bloodline in the kinship system continue through men. Thus, while the male remains stationary and possession position, woman becomes circular and in the belonging position. Male is the owner of the pedigree on kinship system and register of persons. On the other hand woman has no pedigree and remains register of her father or her husband. These features turn into gender characteristics for men and women. Women’s behaviors that question the ownership of men and women’a autonomy have the risk of turning to women as violence and pressure. In particular, the laws regulating relationships between men and women should take this into account. The laws regulating the relations between men and women without being aware of this structural situation are causing tension in the identity of men and women.


No woman’s pedigree, gender, kindship system, violence, construction of a child, social representati

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Turkish Studies
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