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One of the main reasons that started the crusades was the perception of Islam and Muslim that have emerged in Western society. This perception, which took place over a centuries-long process, has been moved to the extreme by the impact of the chaos in the West on the one hand and the victories of Muslims in Andalusia on the other. The successes in Spain, which are referred to as Reconquista (the retrieval of the lands dominated by Muslims in Andalusia), directed the violence in the West to the Anatolian and the Syrian regions, grounded around Jerusalem, with the claim of protecting the Christians in the east. This study will describe the work of Fulcheri Carnotensis, one of the eye witnesses of the First Crusade, in his book “Gesta Francorum Iherusalem Pregrinantium” and how he perceives Islam and Muslims. The basic tools that reflect the perception are the concepts used by the author. Therefore, the identification of the concepts used by the author about Islam and Muslims will facilitate a better understanding as well as interpreting the mind structure that constitutes this perception. The author shaped the concepts he uses to describe Islam and Muslims on the basis of Pope Urbanus II 's speech at the Council of Clermont. This provides important data to the article in terms of the origins of these perceptions. The author's reference to the Pope explains that he is directly acting on a religious basis. The concepts such as Sarasen, Pagan and infidel which he used to describe Islam and Muslims point to this. This study, first of all, will draw on the theoretical framework of this perception that the author created about Islam and Muslims. Then it will be exemplified from the experiences of the Crusaders during their encounter with the Muslims for about thirty years after occupying the region.


Fulcher, First Crusade, Islam, Muslims, Perception

Yazar: Ziya POLAT -
Sayfa Sayısı: 613-632
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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