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Kahramankazan District was founded on the Mürted Plain in the west of Ankara. It is known that the history of the district dates back to the Bronze Age. Besides having cultural richness of ancient times it’s also an important settlement that contains the Ottoman period artifacts as well. We were able to find 24 fountains with our study that we have done in neighborhoods and villages of the Kahramankazan district. Four of the buildings we will be introducing here were built as dependent to some structure, while the rest were built independently. Materials used in these structures which are generally rectangular, are cut stone, rubble stone and marble. The façades of the three fountains are enlivened with superficial arches, while the façade of twenty one fountains are kept flat. Ornaments are very rare in these simple structures. There are examples of geometric, vegetal, object and figurative ornaments.


Kahramankazan, fountain, water structures, civil architecture.

Yazar: Filiz CANYURT -
Sayfa Sayısı: 55-92
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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