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Sezgin Kaymaz is one of the most popular avant-garde writers of recent Turkish literature. Although his name is nor referred in the literary encyclopedias, he has written many novels and short stories in the last two decades. Each author has their own poetic approach forming their writing style. And this style creates elements for the analysis of works. Again author bears both concrete and abstract traces from the period in which they live. Therefore an author is always considered to represent the society in some way. Since the early ages, poetics has always been the center of attention. As concrete boundaries cannot be fully drawn in poetics, it has been the subject of many research. Poetics field relevant with multiple disciplines. Therefore, any study made in this field can be accepted as a reference for further studies. This study aims to be a reference source as well. It only covers eleven novels by Kaymaz and is intended to other works. This study, called The Basic Concepts Composing The Poetics of Sezgin Kaymaz, includes some determinations as to vocabulary preference, style and data in Kaymaz’s works. In the study, the poetic elements that make up the poetics of the author and the prominent elements around five main concepts “Ankara”, “dog” , “death” , “slang” , “epigraph”. These concepts have been studied and classified main and sub-categories and also visualized with graphics and tables. This article also contains a brief summary about Sezgin Kaymaz's life and a conclusion section.


Sezgin Kaymaz, poetics, concept, Ankara, death.

Yazar: Osman ARICAN - - İrem HATIL
Sayfa Sayısı: 35-56
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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