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Investigation of Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors of University Students

The aim of this study was to compare the healthy lifestyle behaviours of the students of the school of physical education and sports (n216), whose physical activity participation are high, and the students of the faculty of law (n184), who are in mostly a theoretical curriculum. In accordance with the purpose of this study, this study was designed as a descriptive study according to the purpose of it, a survey study according to the method of data collection, and a cross-sectional research according to the time of collection of data. The method of measuring healthy lifestyle behaviors consists of 6 sub-dimensions. These are self-efficacy, health responsibility, exercise, nutrition, Interpersonal Relationship and stress management. The Healthy Lifestyle Behavior Scale (HLBS), consisted of 52 questions and developed by Walker et al. (1987), aims to determine the patterns and determinants of health-promoting lifestyle and the effects of interventions aimed at changing the lifestyle. The reliability and validity of the scale in Turkey was made in 2008 by Bahar et al. to adapt it into Turkish. In the research, frequency (%), arithmetic mean (X) and standard deviation (SD) were used as descriptive statistical methods. In order to determine the difference, Mann-Whitney U and One Way Anova Tests were used. Significance level was set at 0.05. The HLBS mean score of the students of the school of physical education and sports is 142,61 ±18,02. On the other hand, the HLBS mean score of the faculty of law students is 133,99± 19,00. It was determined that the HLBS scores of the students of the school of physical education and sports were statistically significant (p <0.05). While significant differences were found in self-efficacy, health responsibility, interpersonal support and exercise sub-dimensions, there were no significant differences in nutrition and stress management sub-dimensions.


Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors, Self-efficacy, Health Responsibility, Interpersonal Relationship, Exerc

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Turkish Studies
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