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In this study, the reasons of having dropped out of the school of the individuals while they were attending to high school in Erzurum, whether they make use of the services of PDR while their attneding duration, the types of their schools, the levels the class they left, the situation of drop out in the duration of their attendence, the situation of their disciplines during attendence, their residences, revenue levels of their families according to their psychological, social, adaptional, familial, sexual and total self image points and whether their total educational, vocational, personal-social needs scores became different were examined. The target population of the study consisted of the individuals having dropped out of high school for different reasons in Erzurum city center between 2006 and 2009. Study sample consisted of 200 individuals who involved in study population and attended to center for vocational educaiton, public training center, open High School or unqualified employee with low wage. In the study, The Scale of Offer Sel İmages in which individuals’ sense of self was developed by Offer, Ostrov, Howard and Dolan (1962), and the adaptation studies of which was performed by Özbay, Şahin, Hıncal, Güngör, Kılıç, Mavili, Aktaş, Aybaş and Göka (1991) was used. The supply level of individuals’ counselling needs was determined by means of “Supply Level Form of Counseling Needs” developed by Erkan (1997). The data optained were by means of t Testi Cruskall Wallis Analysis Teqniques and Dunnett’s T3 subanalisis technique in SPSS 17.00 statistic packet programme. In the result of study, it was observed that dropping out of fhe school was more common among male students, public high schools, at the level of tenth class, in individual without having disciplines and the individuals with middle income-level and those residing in the city centre, people with absenteismproblems, being unsuccesful, those who seldom use the school counseling services. İn addition it was observed that there were significant differentations among supply educational, vocational, personal-social, and total counselling needs scores of female and male students having dropped out of school; among scores of supply vocational counseling needs with regard to absenteesizm during their attendance to school; among total self scores, psychological, adaptational, familial with regard to their parents’ income level; among adaptational self scores as regards to reasons for dropping out of school.


Drop out of school, self image, needs for guidance / counselling.

Yazar: Erhan TUNÇ -
Sayfa Sayısı: 723-749
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Turkish Studies
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