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Negative conditions such as increasing war, violence tendencies and economic imbalances all over the world lead to an increase in forced migration tendencies and a rapid increase in the number of asylum seekers. Turkey towards Syria following the war, especially the influx of refugees in our country experienced social features led to the emergence of serious problems economically and culturally. It is noteworthy that even more serious problems in social and cultural terms have been added to the problems caused by immigration through news generated through the media. It is seen that these problems increase in time when digital media, which has the opportunity to reach wider masses, eliminates the concept of time and space. As an environment where information can be transmitted instantly and interactively, digital newspapers have an important power to reach more readers and create public opinion on important current issues. Taking this idea into consideration, considering the public opinion power of digital newspapers, it is necessary to evaluate the news about refugees within the framework of ethical reporting values. While it is thought that negative news about Syrian refugees in the digital media environment leads to the formation of negative perception towards the Syrian refugees, discrimination and otherization in the society, the main purpose of this study is to determine how the Syrian refugees are represented in digital newspapers and to determine how social perception is formed in this direction. The news about the refugees in digital newspapers builds a perception of threat to Syrians and creates fear and anxiety. The basic problematic of the study is to determine how the perception of Syrians is established in digital newspapers and how this community is represented in digital media. For this purpose, the news published in digital newspapers were analyzed to determine how the Syrians are positioned socially through the language, photography, adjectives and stampings used in the news.


Media, Migration, Digital Journalism, Social Representation, Refugee.

Yazar: Sinem ÇAMBAY -
Sayfa Sayısı: 157-180
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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