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Victor Emile Frankl is one of the pioneers of existential psychotherapy. According to Frankl, each cycle has itsown common neurosis. According to him, themassneoplasm of ourrevolution is the existential emptiness. According to Frankltırin, man is an entity seeking the meaning of life. The search for meaning is the main motive in man's life. These motives aim to show people a reason to live in theworld. If people's basic motives are not met, people fall in to existential emptiness (nihilism). She needs her own psychotherapy every semester to cope with such neuroses (with existential cavities). According to Frankl, the meaning of man can be prevented. This situation, which is expressed as existential frustration, can worry about whether life is worth living, or even despair. These conditions can lead to neurosis. Neuroses caused by existential inhibition are in contrast to the traditional sense, ie psychogenic (psychogenic) neuroses. Norogenic neuroses are more likely to arise from existential problems rather than conflicts between impulses and instincts. This kind of problems play a major role in the prevention of the system. Frankl believes that conscience, which has an important place on the personality structure of the individual, cannot be manifested by the explanations of psychoanalytic theory. Existentialism argues that analysis explores the spiritual unconscious and that the conscience is created by the spiritual unconscious and that the existence of the individual is clarified. Frankl's unique neurosis of each age, as well as their own distinctive nags emphasizes. People need to discover the meaning of life to deal with neuroses. According to him, the meaning of life can be explored in three different ways. These are either creating a work or doing a job; By experiencing something or interacting with a person; Developing an attitude towards an inevitable pain


Victor Frakl, Logotherapy, conscience, search for meaning

Yazar: Tahsin KULA - - Müslüme ERDEN
Sayfa Sayısı: 177-188
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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