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A Research on the Works of Melahat Pars, One of the Turkish Women Composers in Early Republican Period

Women composers have an important place in traditional Turkish music. Women who were busy with music from the times of the Ottoman period continued their music studies with the Republican Era. Starting with Reftar Kalfa and going on with Dilhayat Kalfa, Composition school of women has continued up to now. Melahat Pars, one of these female composers, lived in the early Republican era and continued her musical career at Turkish Music Education Institutions at that time. Examination of her works is also important in terms of examining the musical developments of the period. In the time of the Ottomans, this musical movement, which began with women composers in the 17th century, has continued until today. The existence of women performers, educators and composers in the music organizations and societies that were established before the Republican period and continued for a long time has increased considerably. So the positive effects of developments in Turkish music in the Republican period are reflected today. Based on these informations, female composers of the Republican Period were taken into consideration and their works were examined.and also Melahat Pars’s compositions were examined. In the conceptual framework of the study, information was given about the developments in Turkish music in the Republican period, women composers in general terms and female composers in Turkish Music and Melahat Pars's music life. Her works recorded in TRT oral works repertoire were listed and their musical structures were appreciated. This research is expected to contribute to that important area as to the lack of a sufficient number of studies done on women composers in Turkey.


Republican Era, Woman Composer, Melahat Pars

Yazar: Safiye YAĞCI -
Sayfa Sayısı: 819-831
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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