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The organization of non-governmental organizations for children in the Eastern Black Sea Region: an analysis on associations

Turkey as well as in the entire world is experiencing major problems in the field of child rights and intensive discussions are conducted in order to overcome these problems. It is possible to evaluate civil society organizations as part of the proposed solutions. Because the problems mentioned are too complex and large enough to be overthrown by governments. Today, civil society actors are expected to play a greater role in solving these problems. The main purpose of this study is to determine the institutional structures and qualifications of non-governmental organizations in the Eastern Black Sea Region in terms of their contribution to children's rights. In this context, in this study, the institutional structures, organization forms, member structures, activities, relationships, problems of children, sensitivity to children's rights, perception of problems related to children are analyzed in detail. Within the scope of the study, data were obtained by interviewing the managers of non-governmental organizations for children operating in the mentioned provinces and these data were evaluated with content analysis method. Research results in the classification of types of associations associations located in Turkey is quite limited for children in general, and in some cities have been identified where there were no associations directly related to the child. It is observed that a limited number of non-governmental organizations related to children are not strong and qualified in the policy making process related to children. At the end of the research, suggestions were made on the quality of the civil society structure related to children.


Civil society, associations, children's rights, administrative capacity

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Turkish Studies
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