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Comparıson of Dichotomous Item Response Theory Models and Nominal Response Model

The purpose of this study is to examine the dichotomous item response theory models and nominal response model in terms of model-data fit, accuracy of ability estimation, and test information functions in a comparative way. The study group was composed of 1500 students taken 2012-SBS. For the research purposes, the analysis were conducted through the R Studio software, Multilog, Lisrel 8.80 and SPSS. In terms of model data fit, it was observed that nominal response model, 2 parameter logistic model and 3 parameter logistic model fits the data both in terms of overall fit and item fit, and 3PLM is the best fitting model among them. The abilities were most precisely estimated with NRM . Lastly, in terms of test information functions, NRM provided the most information than the dichotomus IRT models at the low ability range. However, NRM provided less information in terms of total test information function than 3PLM, although the ability parameters were estimated with better accuracy with NRM than 3PLM. However, it is considered that nominal response model would be beneficial to be improved of items with all aspcets by examining the effectiveness of distractors. Therefore, it is believed that nominal response model, especially in practice, would contribute to studies aimed at constructing item bank.


Multiple choice items, Item Response Theory, Dichotomous IRT Models, Nominal Response Model

Yazar: Serpil ÇELİKTEN - - Emine ÖNEN
Sayfa Sayısı: 181-203
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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