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Purpose of this study is to analyze F.A. Hoffmeister’s “Etüden Für Viola” method, in terms of right and left hand techniques, which is one of the most common methods used at the music institutions in Turkey. It is a descriptive study based on content analysis method. The method analyses conducted in our country are of great importance in terms of instrument training. With their increasing number, such studies serve as a guideline both for trainers and students. Since there are only few authentic methods suggested for viola, violin methods are integrated into viola repertoire upon their transposition (transferring tones). F.A. Hoffmeister’s “Etüden Für Viola” method is considered an authentic method designed for viola. It is, therefore, qualified as a significant contribution for viola repertoire. Content of the method, consisting of 12 etudes at medium and advanced levels, has been analyzed in terms of right and left hand techniques; and the identified techniques are provided in tables under related titles. Etude No.1 is found to be suitable for sample etude analysis, due to being the most comprehensive etude and including all positions. The etude has been analyzed in terms of tempo, tonality, measure, positions involved, and left & right hand techniques it contains. The techniques are explained with samples by providing the necessary knowledge on the technique, and have been given under related titles.


Viola Training, Viola Method, Hoffmeister, Etude Analysis

Yazar: Ömer Bilgehan SONSEL -
Sayfa Sayısı: 149-165
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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