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This study aims to examine the effects of teaching learning strategies conducted to prospective teachers on learning strategies they use and to determine which teaching approach gives more effective results in teaching strategies. Direct and indirect strategy teaching methods are used in teaching learning strategies. In this study conducted with experimental pattern with pretest- posttest control groups, two experimental groups and one control group are used. Teaching learning strategies are applied directly to one group and indirectly to the other. The experimental process of the study is conducted by the researcher in principles and methods course of the Department of Primary School Teaching of the Faculty of Education, Anadolu University. Research data are obtained through “mixed method” and qualitative and quantitative data acquisition tools are used. Interviews with prospective teachers and data from study texts constitute qualitative data of the research, while data obtained from learning strategies scale constitute quantitative data. MSLQ (Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire) developed by Pintrich et al. is used for obtaining quantitative data. According to data obtained from learning strategies scale and study texts, teaching conducted to both experiment groups has no effect on strategy use of prospective teachers. In post-experimental interviews, prospective teachers stated to have increased awareness towards learning strategies through strategy teaching, begin to use different cognitive strategies in their studies and take a different approach regarding environment and endeavour management after teaching process. In addition, it is observed that there is no significant difference in the experiment groups between direct and indirect teaching in terms of teaching learning strategies, however the prospective teachers in the group of direct teaching have slightly more effective results of their strategy use.


Learning strategies, teaching of learning strategies, teacher training, higher education.

Yazar: Levent VURAL - - Kıymet SELVİ
Sayfa Sayısı: 799-818
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Turkish Studies
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