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This study was aimed to determine the level of interest of a sample of fifth-and eighth-graders students in STEM careers on the basis of gender, where they lived, grade levels, their parents’ educational status and levels of income. The research is of the type of survey model which is within the scope of quantitative research method. The data were conducted with 758 fifth-and eighth-graders students’. The sample consists of ten middle schools in Elazıg. The data were collected through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Career Interest Survey (STEM-CIS). STEM-CIS was developed by Kier, Blanchard, Osborne and Albert (2014) and adapted to Turkish by Koyunlu Unlu, Dokme and Unlu (2016). The scale is made up of 4 sub-scales, that is, the scale is a 5-likert type scale consisting of four sub-scales, that is, “science career” “technology career”, “engineering career” and “mathematics career” and 40 items. Mean, mode, median, skewness and kurtosis values of variables were examined. In the analysis of the data, Independent Samples t Test, ANOVA tests and Tukey test were used. According to research findings, it was determined that fifth-and eighth-graders students had a significant difference according to gender, where they lived, grade levels, their parents’ educational status and the levels of income of the family. At the end of the study, suggestions were made according to the findings.


STEM education, STEM career interest, middle school students, demographic variables

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Turkish Studies
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