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With the high advances in information technologies, a lot of novelties and changes in educational systems emerged. IT based educational systems allow to reach specific groups of people much more easily although the traditional education system couldn't. People with disabilities can have the equal opportunity in education. Like all other people, a person with a disability has the right to get education and employment. Technological improvements will allow them to access educational facilities until the rest of their life and to obtain vocational training by use of information technologies. The main purpose of the model is to convey to the people with learning difficulties the capabilities of DJing through an educational platform for which several evaluations will be made to estimate the possibility of performing on that database. The test group of this research consists of "Bremen Mizikacilari Percussion Band", a percussion group of young people with mental disabilities which is linked to "MEB Ozel Yeni Tomurcuk Private Rehabilitation and Research Center" and a primary school student with learning disabilities. The research ran with qualitative research techniques, consists of case study examples. Explorations, video recordings and speech transcriptions have been used to collect data. Analysis of groups and specific cases have been made, reviews of experts, professors and parents have been taken with semi-structured forms in order to obtain their ideas on the contribution of distance learning to educate people with disabilities. For the evaluation of the usage of that specific design, a tool has been developed by the researcher by getting benefits from Nielsen's heuristics.


Disabled education, Distance learning, DJ training, Music education

Yazar: Dilek KARAHOCA - - Yıldız ÇOKCOŞKUN
Sayfa Sayısı: 395-423
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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