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Drama has greatly contributed to gaining required skills for an individual in 21st century. To effectively realise drama applications during preschool period, preschool teachers must have adequate knowledge and skills. Opinions and attitudes of preschool teachers towards drama directly effects application processes. It is important to determine perceptions of teachers who will plan and realise drama applications towards drama. This study was conducted to reveal the perceptions of preschool education teacher candidates towards drama by using metaphors. Phenomenological approach under qualitative research method was adopted in this study. The study group consisted of 138 second grade preschool education teacher candidates participating in drama class in Afyon Kocatepe University Education Faculty, Preschool Education Department during the spring semester of the 2014-2015 academic year. An opinion statement form consisting of 7 open-ended questions was used as a data collection tool. Content analysis was applied to the data of this study and the data were represented with numerical values. The results of this study indicated that preschool education teacher candidates produced different metaphors for drama, stages of drama, roles of teacher and children in drama (n=523), different metaphors for drama and drama stages, and produced “life” (n=42) category metaphors for drama and “leader/guide” (n=63) category metaphors for role of teacher.


Drama, Metaphor, Preschool Education Teacher Candidate

Yazar: Aslı YÜKSEL - - Tuğçe AKYOL - Fatma Betül ŞENOL
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Turkish Studies
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