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The town of Gostivar has been an important connection point between Skopje in the North and Ohrid in the South, which are one of the most important cities in Macedonia’s Polog region. Gostivar still preserved same features today. The date of oldest record about Gostivar in Ottoman archive documents is June 28, 1709. In this record, Gostivar was mentioned as a village and a zeamet (feoff) with an annual income of 56787 akches. The date of first record transformation of Gostivar sub-district to district is 06.01.1892. Gostivar sub-district was requested to be promoted to a district in the request letter covering reasons of the Kosovo Province. It is proposed to lower Tetovo (Kalkandelen) district 3rd degree to 2nd degree for this. The most important criterion mentioned is that the bandit attacks on the region and Gostivar sub-district became severe. We have not reached an answer to this request, but shortly thereafter, the Kosovo Province had repeated the same demand. A telegraph was sent to Bab-ı âli with same request on 07.Za.1309/03.06.1892. After a full month, the decision of State Council on needlessness of transformation of Gostivar sub-district to district was forwarded. In spite of this response of the State Council, we see that the requests continued. In a letter dated 5 July 1897, the State Council wrote a letter to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in order to determine whether there is a source to cover the salaries of the civil servants and other expenses in case of a transformation from sub-district to district. Serasker Rıza Pasha proposed the establishment of a telegraph line between Gostivar (in Kosovo), which is located in an important place between the provinces of Kosovo and Manastir and Kırçova (in Manastir) with emphasizing this feature of Gostivar and the covering the communication needs of two provinces. Undoubtedly, the completion of this telegraph line had a positive effect on the process of Gostivar’s transformation from sub-district to district. Finally, on March 25, 1903, the process of transformation of Gostivar sub-district to district was completed positively.


Gostivar, Kalkandelen, sub-district, district.

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Turkish Studies
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