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One of the factors that empowered States and economies throughout the ages has undoubtedly been the land.Especially until the Industrial Revolution, societies have shaped their political and military structures on the land or around it.Thereby, the land, while holding a very important place in human life, played a vital role in the formation of state systems.The use of this important lands in the optimised way had been one of the issues that the states had been thinking about.At the end of this search, land systems which is the administrative and military system, were used, where the land was used as the source of both production and military power.The Byzantine system of land ownership and the Thema system became one of the best-functioning administrative and military systems of the era, providing the continuity of production, the regular collection of taxes and the procurement of army power.The Byzantine Empire grasped the value of the land as a prerequisite for its existence and tried to shape and develop the system on its land in such a way as to provide the greatest benefit.The success in this field has been one of the most important factors for its existence for centuries.The Byzantine territorial system ensured the survival of the Empire in military and economic threats.Both the Slavs and the Arabs, who had been settled on fertile lands, had a great impact on production by preventing the land from being vacant and the empire was relieved of paying the salary to the military power it needed.


Byzantine, Land System, Economy, Military, Medieval Age

Yazar: Mehmet Ertan BAMYACI - - Sezgin GÜÇLÜAY
Sayfa Sayısı: 111-120
Tam Metin:
Turkish Studies
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