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Turkey's Energy Security of Supply and Demand in the Global Scale

Energy is a basic source of life that continues to increase day by day from the existence of mankind. As the industrialization of the world accelerates and technological developments progress very fast, the number of energy-centered blood, tears and wars has increased. Energy is a serious need for countries to ensure sustainable growth and development. For this reason, energy supply for a country must be provided at reasonable prices from secure sources and routes, without interruption. Turkey ranks first among the EU and OECD countries at the rate of increase in energy demand and second in the world after China. Turkey imports a large portion of its oil and almost all of its natural gas. Turkey imports more than 75% of its energy. In this case, the security of energy supply for Turkey is a national matter. In the last 10 years, Turkey paid an average of 55 billion dollars annually for energy imports. These costs that Turkey paid for energy imports vary in parallel with the rise of oil prices in the world and fluctuations in the foreign exchange rate in Turkey. Energy security and national security are directly proportional. In order to ensure security in energy supply, Turkey must first produce its energy with domestic and national technologies and supply it from its own sources. The main objective of this study is to emphasize the importance of domestic and renewable resources, resource diversification, nuclear energy (with national technologies and/or technology transfer), energy pipelines passing through Turkey and are planned to passing through Turkey in order to ensure energy security of Turkey. The intended result of this study is to analyse the impact on Turkey’s national energy security of existing and ongoing construction of energy pipelines in Turkey (BTC, TANAP, Turkish Current, etc.) with domestic and renewable resources within the framework of Turkey's geopolitical position.


Energy Security, National Security, Renewable Energy Sources, Nuclear Energy, Energy Transit Country

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Turkish Studies
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