Saliha Sultan Foundation and Haremeyn Service

The Ottoman women, especially the members of the Ottoman dynasty, who were of another social rank, could not show themselves in the political field. On the other hand, Ottoman women reflected their strength and benevolence in the social field to society with the foundations they established. Saliha Sultan, the wife of Mustafa II. and the mother of Mahmud I, built foundation works for the benefit of the Ottoman society. Among the works of this foundation, the school where the siberians will be educated and the fountain and water dispenser were built to meet the water needs of Istanbul. These works, which were built by Saliha Sultan, reflect the architectural features of the period like the works commissioned by other foundation owners. It is one of the most important works reflecting the Saliha Sultan fountain and the dispenser of Tulip in Azapkapı, Istanbul. The foundations are the most important source showing the needs of the region where the foundation is established. With the study, there was little information about him before II. The foundation founded by Saliha Sultan, Mustafa’s wife and mother of Mahmud I, were examined according to the foundation. Also, the surrenders, which are included in the foundations, which means money and gifts sent to Mecca and Medina before the pilgrimage season each year; it is included in the services of this foundation. Following the information contained in the Saliha Sultan Foundation, the surre was sent to Haremeyn just one year after the foundation was established. In this way, it was determined whether the information in the booklet and surre books were consistent.


Saliha Sultan, Mahmud I, Surre, Haremeyn, Foundation.

Author : Zeynep BAŞPINAR
Number of pages: 469-484
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Turkish Studies - Historical Analysis
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