Ships are very complex vehicles, but they develop slowly but continuously. There have been innovations in the construction of ships according to the European policies, strategic and technological preferences. After 1770 Çeşme disaster, the Ottoman Empire realized that it remained backward from Europe in terms of science and technology. Ships suitable for European procedures have been constructed and Turkish war squadrons have been tried to be rebuilt. At the same time, it was not overlooked that there was a need for well-educated and trained staff to manage and use these ships consciously. In the Naval School, the classes were divided into various sections over time and trained according to the field. Each one of these parts is of great importance, and one of them is deck boys who are doing heavy equipment works. Deck students have been trained in theoretical courses, boilers, machinery and lanterns in a long time because they have an important role in the operation and movements of ships. Deck Engineers were first sent to training ships and then to courses in the third grade to make them fully understand their duties. Below are the training and course schedules given in the courses during the training of the deck boys.


navy, deck, course, training

Author : Derya GEÇİLİ
Number of pages: 553-564
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Turkish Studies - Historical Analysis
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