In this study, it is tried to interpret how the sport is expressed in epic works known as Iliad and Odyssey in ancient Greece. Literature search was done. Homer, the compiler of the epic Iliad and Odyssey epics, used the word athlete in his works for the first time. In his book Homer Iliad, it is stated that the main goal of every athlete in ancient Greece is to win. Athletes were invited to war games, funerals or other games. They were allowed to compete with voluntary participation. In Homer's poems, these struggles manifested themselves. The depictions in Iliad and Odyssey are considered as the foundation of the history of Greek sports. It is even stated that the Gods intervene in some cases. As a result, 8 sportive activities compiled by Homer in Iliad and Odyssey are mentioned with epic features. It implies an understanding of sports that has entered all areas of both the state and daily life. But this understanding is depicted with epic features. The sporting activities in Iliad are seen as horse racing, running, boxing, wrestling, armed fighting, disc and javelin throwing and archery. In Odyssey, dance, gymnastics and acrobatic demonstrations, ball games and horseback riding are stated, while pentathlon and high jump activities do not have a definite explanation. Supporting the competitions mentioned in Iliad and Odyssey with other visuals that were thought to belong to that time may provide a more accurate approach.


Iliad, Odyssey, Sports

Author : Erol DOĞAN - Gülten İMAMOĞLU
Number of pages: 485-496
Full text:
Turkish Studies - Historical Analysis
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