Anatolia is an important place for the history of Christianity. Anatolia was one of the main centers from which Christianity spread to the world. During the first and second century, which can be called as the period of early Christianity, important developments took place in Anatolia. There are many important cities where St. Paul carried out many activities to spread Christianity. There are ancient cities where the apostles of Prophet Jesus (pbuh) came, lived and their graves are found. The 7 Churches mentioned in the Bible are located in some ancient cities in the Western Anatolia. There are many important archaeological evidence from the period when the Pagan, Jewish and Christian peoples lived together. Many ancient sources related to Anatolia during the early Christianity give us important information about the period. There are important Church Fathers and saints who were born in Judaism and who continued their lives in a pagan society and defended against attacks on their faith. There were also those who sacrificed their lives to spread and protect their faith. During the early Christianity, some groups which were sometimes called deviant, emerged. They wrote defenses to protect their beliefs from these currents. More importantly, consuls were gathered to protect themselves from these deviants. The ancient city of Hierapolis, like many ancient cities in the history of early Christianity, is important. Because the important figures of the early Christianity clearly reveal this value.


Hierapolis, Early Christianity, Papias, Claudius Apollinarios.

Author : Ümran Ozan KARAHAN
Number of pages: 593-606
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Turkish Studies - Historical Analysis
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